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Pottery Classes for Adults

  • Exciting, Stimulating, creative classes
  • Positive, nurturing environment
  • Workshops run by qualified ceramists who are leaders in their field
  • Secure location with easy access in central Bryanston

Situated in tranquil garden surroundings, conveniently located near to the Bryanston Shopping Centre. Classes are provided for Adults on:

  • Monday - Thursday and Saturday mornings 9:30 - 12:30
  • Wednesday and Thursday Evenings 6:00 - 9:00pm
  • Wheelchair access
  • Secure parking

Adult's Classes:

As our lives get more frenetic, so we search for new ways to relax and spend quality time with our inner-selves.  This is where pottery can be the answer. The Pottery Studio in Bryanston is an informal group of dedicated and passionate studio potters; John Shirley, Michelle Legg.

We are finding that most people who come to our studio are looking for a few hours where they can relax, just be themselves, meet new people and make beautiful things. Working with clay is therapeutic. Not only is the process enriching, taking home a beautiful hand-made piece is enormously gratifying. Pottery is for every age and every walk of life.

All levels of experience are welcome to attend classes and workshops. Beginners can look forward to exploring various clay forming techniques such as pinch pots, coil building, slab building and throwing on the wheel. Basics of clay and glaze composition will be discussed throughout the classes in a relaxed and informal manner. All aspects of the formation process will be explained so as to have a full understanding of the entire ceramic process. Students will be encouraged to draw inspiration for their work from their own personal accounts of the world around them. Once the student is comfortable with the medium, individual projects are encouraged that may be initiated by the student or teacher. Each student works at their own pace and individuality and originality are encouraged.



Get your team players playing with clay

Rather than have your next teambuilding be a test of strength, how about a test of style and colour?  Experiential pottery is not only unusual but also very therapeutic and bound to get everyone talking around the table. Few of us are free of stress; even the good kind that drives us to success still takes a toll on our shoulders and neck, on our tempers and our health. 


“The excitement of each person as they discover that they too can change a lump of clay into a beautiful shape is very contagious and, after the first person has tried, there is an eager queue waiting to recapture lost childhood memories of making things from mud and plasticine.

“The other thing that makes this so suitable for team building is that there is no competition or error. If it goes wrong, you start again - that’s the beauty of clay - it’s a kind of magic where a lump of clay becomes a solid dream,”

The pottery Studio is custom built and sun-drenched in the leafy suburb of Bryanston and can handle up to 24 people at one session. Catering can be provided or the clients can bring in their own catering.  Coffee and tea are always available.


John Shirley: 083 407 5968,  johnshir@gmail.com
Michelle Legg: 083 730 0250,  michellejanelegg@gmail.com

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